FAQ Answer
How does it work? We consult with our clients to determine their exact needs. Upon moving forward with a suitable plan, our team utilise proprietary image recognition software to detect unauthorised uses of our client’s works, and immediately submit takedown notices on infringing content.
How much experience do you have? With over 10 years of experience in the industry and offices in Australia, Singapore, US and Europe, we’re the global leaders in what we do. We provide free advice, free resources and most importantly, we have over 1,721,412 successful removals!
How often are my images monitored? We leverage our sophisticated image recognition software that searches the internet 24/7 for unauthorised uses of your images.
What if there are more links out there? With our Content Monitoring services actively searching the web 24/7, anytime our team locate new content, we will lodge applications immediately to have the content removed.
What kind of links can be removed by Internet Removals? Any non-consensual or private images or videos that are shared by others on the internet. If you are not sure, you could email us on team@internetremovals.com.
How long will it take? Usually, the average timeframe would be between 48-96 hours, however on rare occasions, can extend out to 2-4 weeks.
Will the person who posts the pictures or videos on the internet be alerted when we remove it? Usually, Google or webmasters do not notify the person/publisher.
Will the image or video reappear after removal? It will be permanent removal; however, the same image or videos may reappear in a different URL/link if people start to share it again; our Monitoring services will pick this up!
How will I know if the image or video has been removed? You will get an email from us once the link(s) is removed.
Will I get an update during the removal process? Although we will notify you once the link(s) is removed, depending on your membership plan, you may receive monthly reports.

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